Taisho, Showa and Heisei

  1. Mingei Thanks to the e-yakimomo web site there is an introductory essay on the mingei movement and links to other essays and photos about major potters in the movement and museums featuring the National Living Treasures and their work.

  2. Japanese Graphic Designs from the 1920s Thanks to the research staff at the University of Hawaii for scanning and posting over 50 advertisements and posters. They are searchable by category and fun to browse.

  3. Japanese Street Fashions has photos and videos of the newest fashions, which change rapidly. It's a bit crazy, but fun.

  4. Anime Explained The Metro Detroit Japanese Animation Group has put up a fairly quick look at anime, Japanese animation, with a good FAQ and list of recommended films. They forgot two of my favorites:Spirited Away and My Neighbor Tottoro.

  5. Ikuhiko Shibata: My Artistic Journey Ikuhiko Shibata is a seventh generation ceramic artist from Tajimi, Japan. He frequently visits Cincinnati and in 2013 was an artist in residence at Funke Fired Arts Studios. This is his PowerPoint presentation from a lecture that he gave at the Cincinnati Asian Art Society in August 2013.

  6. Ainu Art The Ainu are an ethnic group, distinct from the Japanese, who live almost exclusively on the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido. They were hunter gatherers wll into the 19th century. Their art, customs and culture are explained on this web site, with examples and photos.


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